Heat Pump Repair

How Do You Know If Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Repaired?

Heat pumps typically last about 15 to 20 years. Their lifespan depends largely on proper installation and bi-annual maintenance.

If you own an aging system, or have neglected maintenance on it, heat pumps can break down over time. Some common signs you’re needing heat pump services include:

Higher Electric Bills

If your home’s electric bills have skyrocketed, your Indianapolis heat pump isn’t running as efficiently as it once did, perhaps because it’s an aging system.

Ice Forming

Frost is okay on the exterior of your system, but ice should never form on your outdoor unit unless something is amiss. Ice could indicate a refrigerant leak or weak air flow, which should be looked at by a professional HVAC technician right away. When excess moisture in the air freezes on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger, the system’s defrost cycle kicks in. Call us and we can help you determine the difference!

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your HVAC unit kicks on and then shuts down a short time later before the correct temperature is reached. The technicians at B&W can get to the root of the issue and restore comfort to your home and family members.

Strange Odors

Strange odors, such as a musty smell, could indicate the presence of mold and mildew because of an issue with the condensate drain. Excess debris or dust could also trigger a smell.

Blowing Cold Air in Heat Mode

If you’re noticing cold air coming out of vents, first check that the system is set to heating and not cooling mode. If it is set to heating, check your unit’s air filter to see if it’s clogged or dirty. A dirty air filter can block airflow and impact the heat pump’s performance. Other issues that can cause heat pumps to blow cold air include air duct leaks or refrigerant leaks. If you still can’t find the cause, contact an HVAC professional.

How to Tell If You Should Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump

Do you own a heat pump and are unsure whether it needs to be repaired or replaced? That’s a tough decision, and one that the heating and cooling technicians at B&W are happy to help you make. Our technicians are trained to make expert diagnoses of all of your HVAC equipment, including the heat pump, and assist you in deciding whether repairs or heat pump installation is needed.

Most HVAC specialists agree that repairing a heat pump may be a better option if:

Is There a Warranty on the System?

If it’s still under warranty, consider repairing the system. The longer you keep your current system without paying out of pocket for repairs, the more you’ll save on the cost of installing a new system. If you purchase a new home with a heat pump still under warranty, verify with the manufacturer if the warranty needs to be transferred to you. If you’re unsure whether the unit is under warranty, contact B&W to assist you.

It’s under 15 Years of Age

Heat pumps typically last for 15 to 20 years, so consider repairing the system if it’s less than 15 years old. If there are several repairs that cost hundreds of dollars, talk to your heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality technician about your options.

No Past Service History

If there’s no history of repairs, then have the system repaired. It’s not uncommon for the unit to experience some issues over its lifespan.

The Repair is Minor and Reasonable

If the unit is under 15 years old and the repair is relatively minor, the cost of repairing is far more cost-effective than heat pump replacement.

When to Repair or Replace Guide

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