Benefits of Installing a Whole Home Humidifier

Precise Humidity Regulation

A comfortable indoor humidity level is about 30 to 50%, but humidity levels can oftentimes drop below 30% during the winter months, leading to dry air, which can have negative effects on your health. A whole home humidifier is controlled by an individual humidistat, which ensures your home’s humidity level stays within a comfortable range.

Healthier Living Environment

Viruses tend to thrive in dry conditions, leading to colds, flus, and other respiratory ailments during the winter. Low indoor humidity can also lead to dry skin, itchy eyes, chapped and cracked lps, itchy throat and many other health ailments.

Protection for Your Home

Did you know that low humidity levels can even damage your home and furniture? It’s true. Dry air can damage furniture, wood floors and can even peel paint.

Energy Savings

Dry air has a cooling effect on the body, which may cause you to turn the heat up. But with the installation of a humidifier, you’ll feel warmer and more comfortable at a lower temperature, thus saving you money on your energy bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save up to 4% on their energy bills for every degree the thermostat is lowered during the winter.

Increased Comfort

Of course, comfort is the main reason many Indianapolis homeowners elect to have a whole house humidifier installed. Not only will you feel warmer and cozier inside your home, you’ll avoid all of the negative health effects that come along with dry air.

Types of Humidifiers B&W Offers

The indoor air quality experts at B&W offer a variety of whole house humidifiers to choose from, including:

Steam Humidifiers

A steam humidifier uses a humidistat to measure the moisture level within a home. When the humidistat drops to a certain level, the humidifier receives a signal for it to start introducing more moisture into the air. Steam humidifiers work by heating the water in a reservoir and converting it into steam.

Bypass Humidifiers

Bypass humidifiers are installed directly to your home’s HVAC system. Because they don’t have a fan, these systems rely on the furnace’s blower motor to push warm air through the water panel while absorbing moisture. That air is then directed into your ductwork and into your living areas.

Power Humidifiers

A power humidifier is similar to a bypass unit, but it comes with its own fan, allowing it to operate on its own even when the furnace is off. The power humidifier’s fan forces air over the water pane to add moisture to the air supply. Fan-powered models are able to produce more humidity than a bypass model, which makes it an ideal choice for larger homes. These units can be installed in smaller places and are extremely energy efficient.

Humidifier Maintenance and Repair Services from B&W

It’s a good idea to have annual maintenance performed on your whole house humidifier when fall maintenance is performed on your furnace to ensure it lasts throughout the cold Central Indiana winter. During humidifier maintenance, you should replace the humidifier water panel, check for any leaks and clean the unit if it’s dirty. Maintenance is something that should be done by one of the professionals at B&W.

Whole house humidifiers, with annual maintenance, are generally reliable and rarely break down. But if you’re noticing any issues with your system, such as a leak, contact B&W right away.

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