Shower/Bathtub Leaks

Where Is the Shower/Bathtub Leak Coming From?

Leaking Drains

Tub and shower drains can leak. Water can also seep past strainers that aren’t properly connected to the drain. In some situations, there may be small cracks or breaks in the bottom of the fixture. Usually when water leaks from any of these sources, it will become apparent on the bathroom floor or room below.

Water Supply Leaks

The solder that connects the tub and shower valves can leak if they aren’t properly installed or old. Sometimes the valve screw-on connection isn’t tight enough, but even tight connections can leak when they are old.

Leaky Faucets

If your problem is a drip that’s staining the side of the tub or shower stall, it can usually be fixed by replacing a rubber gasket. But if your faucet has two handles, the leak is usually caused by washers on the end of the valve stems. Faucets use cartridges, and any small amount of debris from sediment can cause the faucet to leak.

What Causes a Leaky Shower Head or Faucet?

There can be several reasons for a leaking shower head drip or faucet. If water is dripping from a shower head, there is a problem with the shower faucet seal. The internal parts could become worn, corroded, or clogged from hard water deposits. The internal parts that seal connections between parts can wear down with time and use. When they wear down, it causes water to drip and drizzle out.

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