Backflow Services

Why Should My Building Have a Backflow Preventer Device?

A type of backflow preventer device is a RPZ valve (Reduced Pressure Zone). The backflow device serves as a cushion against backflow pressure. If there is a drop in water pressure, the backflow preventer device will open up, dumping water out rather than allowing the potentially contaminated water to backflow into the water supply.

The benefits of having a backflow preventer device installed include:

  • Preventing backflow of contaminated water into your building
  • Preventing health issues that are associated with contaminated water
  • Helping to ensure water is safe for drinking by keeping contaminants out of the water supply
  • Complying with local governments that require the installation of a backflow preventer device

How Often Should I Have My Backflow Preventer Tested?

B&W offers backflow prevention testing to ensure your system is working efficiently. Backflow device testing is a test that most utilities require annually. Contact your local water utility for their testing requirements. If you have a backflow device that needs testing, trust B&W services to make sure your backflow preventer device is working properly. In the state of Indiana, backflow devices must be tested by a certified backflow tester. They will check for any code violations and ensure the system is adequate for your property’s water supply.

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