What NOT to Flush down the Toilet

Most things are flushable. You can flush a golf ball, toys… just about anything that will fit, can flush!

The easier way to ask this question would be “what should you flush down the toilet?” The answer? Human waste and toilet paper only. 

But we are here to answer the why’s. Why can’t you flush these things down your toilet?

Flushable Wipes

First and foremost, wipes or any products that are marketing as “flushable” are NOT actually flushable. Companies like to market this way to increase sales… not everything you read on packaging is true. These items do not break down enough and can clog up the drains very quickly! Companies can get away with marketing these as flushable because well, they fit down the toilet! Should you flush them though? NO! Here is a news article and video explaining what happened in Brownsburg, IN due to an influx of “flushable” wipes going down the toilet!

Baby Wipes

While we are talking about wipes, it is time to address baby wipes. Baby wipes are made to withstand staying soaked in liquid, just like flushable wipes. If something is withstanding being wet, it is not going to break down enough when it goes down the drains. Baby wipes are not toilet safe, throw them in the trash!

Feminine Hygiene Products

This is a BIG one! No part of a feminine hygiene product should be flushed down the toilet. Just like those above, they do not break down. Plumbers find this to be a common issue in households and businesses, please do your part and throw them in the trash!

Medication and Hazardous Waste

Lets take a break from things that just do not break down and focus no why we do not flush medication, chemicals and hazardous waste down the toilet. We have filtration systems that are made to filter through human waste. This would be great, if human waste was the only thing going down the drains. Putting medication and chemicals down your toilet or any drain in your home could contaminate our rivers, lakes, oceans and drinking water. If you have medication that you need to get rid of, please take it to your local pharmacy so they can get rid of it safely.

Cotton Products 

Cotton swabs, cotton pads, anything cotton! These do not belong down the toilet. Why? You guessed it! They do not break down and can easily clog your pipes!


This may seem self explanatory but you would be surprised at how often plumbers run into this issue, especially in cities like NYC where it is against code to install a garbage disposal. Food goes in the trash or down the garbage disposal (if you have one!) depending on what kind of food it is. Please do not clog your pipes with food!

Dental Floss

This may seem like a surprise. Floss is so small, how can it clog a drain? Not everyone has smooth, slick pipes. Dental floss can get caught and collect over time. It does not break down, it can clump up and collect more waste going down the toilet, resulting in a giant clog that is difficult to remove.

One last fact for the road, did you know that if you flush these items down the toilet it is obvious that you can clog your sewage system, but you can also clog up your city sewer line as well. So please be thoughtful about what you put down your toilet!

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