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B&W Curbside Pickup Now Available

Looking to purchase a new filter? We’re happy to bring them to your vehicle. Call 317-243-3581 and we will take your request. We prefer payment via credit or debit card. We will accept cash or check. B&W curbside pickup location: 2101 Cunningham Road Speedway, IN 46224 Read More »

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell so Bad?

Have you ever walked into your home on a hot, summer’s day to an unbearable smell but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from? If so, you’re not alone. The last place many homeowners imagine a foul smell coming from is their air conditioning system. But there are several reasons that can cause an […] Read More »

What Are the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

According to environmental experts, indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Many homes have countless sources of contamination that can be harmful to you and your family. The installation of an air purifier is one solution to combat the contaminants in the air and improve indoor air quality. In […] Read More »

Buy Indy: Supporting Local Businesses

These past few weeks have been difficult for everyone. Among them, small businesses. Now is the time to support small businesses by buying, shopping, and/or donating local, while also practicing social distancing. For more information about the #BuyIndy campaign, visit buyindy.org. Read More »

How to Choose a Plumbing Professional

Plumbing lines directly impact you as a homeowner. From installing a heater to planning the waste drain layout, each task can pose risks for you and your family if it is not planned properly. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t just hire anyone who claims to be a plumbing professional. Be prepared to ask the […] Read More »

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