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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Humming but Not Turning?

If you have a garbage disposal, you’re used to some noise during operation, especially if you have an older model. However, when noise isn’t accompanied by the blades spinning, something is wrong with the unit. In our most recent blog, the plumbers at B&W discuss why you may have a garbage disposal that’s humming but […] Read More »

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

Water leaks of any kind can cause damage to your Indianapolis area home. When leaks originate from a water heater, the potential for serious water damage exists. If you’re wondering why your hot water heater is leaking, it is likely one of the following common issues. Why Is My Hot Water Heater Leaking? Water heater […] Read More »

Sump Pump Vs. Ejector Pump: What Are the Differences?

Different types of pumps are installed in Indianapolis area homes, with each serving different purposes. While sump pumps are fairly commonplace and have been used in homes for many years, some homeowners may notice a second pump installed nearby. This is the sewer ejector pump, which has a different role – to move waste from […] Read More »

Why Do I Have Standing Water in My Basement Floor Drain?

If you’ve recently walked down the steps into your basement and noticed standing water in the basement floor drain, it may have come as quite a shock. However, you’re not alone – a clogged basement drain is a problem that many homeowners face and one that will need to be fixed quickly. In our most […] Read More »

How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

As more Americans spend time inside their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners have placed a greater emphasis on the health of their indoor air quality and how to make improvements to it. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutants are two to five times higher than outdoor levels. This is […] Read More »

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