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Sewer Gas Smell In Basement

Sewer smells are very distinct and off-putting. Even if the smell is contained in your basement, there’s a good chance you can smell it in other rooms with drains as well. There are a couple of reasons you might have a sewer gas smell in the basement, and if you do, it’s important to eliminate […] Read More »

How Do Water Heater Warranties Work?

You depend on your water heater for showers, dishes, cooking, and more. Water heaters usually last between 8 to 12 years, but replacing a water heater is not cheap. Luckily, many warranties provide coverage on parts and labor to eliminate that cost. When you start experiencing issues with your water heater, you might still be […] Read More »

What to Look for in Battery Backup Sump Pumps

When your power goes out, there’s a good chance it’s storming outside. Storms and power outages go hand in hand, so when your power goes out, will your sump pump turn on? Investing in a Battery Backup Sump Pump for your home is a smart idea if you’ve experienced frequent power outages during storms or […] Read More »

Cold Weather Tips for Your Home

As winter moves into Central Indiana, you’ll need to start preparing for the change of seasons. This involves more than finding your winter coat. Your house needs to be prepared as well. Getting your furnace turned up before it gets cold is just one of the many Cold Weather Tips we recommend to prepare your […] Read More »

How to Choose a Plumbing Professional

Homeowners tend to take on a lot of maintenance projects by themselves if they think they can save big bucks without calling a professional. When it comes to plumbing repairs and installations, though, hiring a plumber is usually a smart move from the start. When dealing with water and pipes, one wrong turn of the […] Read More »

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