Need electrical services in the Indianapolis area? B&W has you covered! 

B&W is proud to provide the following electrical services to both residential and commercial properties.

Electrical Services Include:

  • Repair lights that are not working
  • Repair lights that are flickering
  • Repair lights that are buzzing
  • Repair lights that are dimmed
  • Repair a circuit breaker that keeps tripping
  • Repair outlets that do not work
  • Repair outlets or switches that are warm to touch
  • Repair outlets or switches that are seemingly dangerous
  • Upgrade wiring
  • Upgrade Wiring for new electric appliances that withstand higher amperag
  • Move outlets or switches
  • Install new outlets and switches
  • Install light fixtures
  • Install Ceiling fans

Contact us today to get a quote from one of our expert electricians. Call us at 317-243-3581 or click here for our request form We’ll send an electrician out to help with your problem as soon as possible!