Do I need GFCI Outlets?

If you live in an older house, odds are, you do not have GFCI outlets in your home. What does GFCI stand for? Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Any new build homes are required by code to have GFCI’s in them. According to the code, GFCI’s need to be placed in

  • bathrooms
  • garages and accessory buildings
  • outdoors
  • crawl spaces
  • basements
  • kitchens
  • sinks
  • boathouses
  • bathtubs or shower stalls
  • laundry areas

Bottom line– they save lives, here is how.

What do GFCI’s do?

GFCI’s monitor the flow of currents and immediately cut off power when a ground fault is detected. A ground fault is an unintentional electrical path to the ground. If a ground fault is not detected and shut off immediately, it could be fatal. GFCI’s are required by code to be installed in all newer homes and if you do not have them, you are at risk of fatal electrocution, electric shock, and electrical fires. These outlets detect a ground fault within milliseconds and does it automatically. What is great about GFCI outlets, you do not have to go to the breaker to reset the outlet, you just press the button on the outlet in and it should start working again unless there is an underlying issue that needs addressed immediately.

How Do You Know You Have GFCI Outlets Installed?

The answer to this question is simple. Take a look in your bathroom or kitchen, are there two buttons on the outlets that say “reset” and “test”? If not, you do not have GFCI outlets and are at risk. It is important that you call an experienced electrician to get these outlets replaced and make your home a safer place.

How to Maintain a GFCI

You do not have to do much maintenance after a GFCI is installed. There are small things that can make the outlet shut off. If you notice your GFCI outlets is tripping frequently, please call an electrician to make sure there is not a bigger issue present.  It is also recommended to press the “test” button at least once a month to ensure it is still working.

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