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Experienced Furnace Installation Services in Avon, IN

For January, the average winter temperature in Avon, IN, is 19 degrees. That is dangerously cold, and as many folks around here can verify, it can certainly get colder than 19. So winter in Avon is not the time of year to be without a working furnace.

If you have an older furnace or if it requires service more often, consider going with peace of mind and opting for a new furnace installation. B&W offers quality furnace installation, and financing is available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Furnace Replacement and Installation in Avon, IN

B&W works with commercial and residential clients for complete furnace installation. We work with older homes, those under construction, and those newly built.

Our professional team offers quality work, honest pricing, and dedicated service. In addition, we offer a complete line of furnaces with top brands and those with proven track records.

After serving the Avon, IN community for the past several decades, we have learned a thing or two about building community through excellent business practices. We are here for you long after the sale. For a personalized quote for a new furnace, give us a call. We encourage you to ask questions and experience the professional and quality customer service we offer.

Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement in Avon, IN

Is your furnace broken, or does it need replacing? That’s a common question we hear. But, to be honest, a repair may work just fine and give you a few more years of reliable service. The truth is that each furnace is different, and whether it requires replacing or repair work depends on its condition. Here are a few signs that a furnace requires replacing over repair.

Current System Is Over 15 Years Old

Generally, a furnace has a lifespan of 15-20 years. Therefore, replacing an old unit may be more cost-effective than repairing it. If your furnace is over 10 years old and has not received proper maintenance, it may be on its last legs.

Frequent Repairs Are Needed

When many repairs begin to appear in a short time, it is safe to say the unit is failing. So, replace it and invest the cost of repairs into a new unit. We have financing available to help with the cost of replacing a furnace.

Rising Energy Bills

Energy costs and monthly bills fluctuate depending on the weather. If the weather is not a factor and energy costs rise, it may be time to replace the furnace. A furnace that is not keeping your Avon, IN home warm at its peak efficiency costs you money. Replacing it does two things. First, it stops the extra cost of heating your home. Second, it prevents a significant service and repair call because a furnace working harder to do the same job will eventually break down.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

Aside from the sound of your furnace starting or stopping a cycle, there shouldn’t be any strange noises. If you hear noises such as banging or screeching, then something is wrong, and you should call a reputable HVAC company. Strange smells are also a cause for concern, and you should have a professional inspect the system right away.

Finance Your New Heater with B&W

B&W understands what it takes to manage a household. We make sure we have solutions to your heating, cooling, and plumbing problems. In addition, we have a professional relationship with potential sources for home repair financing: Ally Lending and Wells Fargo.

These programs help finance larger purchases such as a new furnace, air conditioner, or more extensive repair jobs involving plumbing or drains. However, there are restrictions, and each option varies in what they offer.

Learn more about financing options by calling us or visiting our financing page online.


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