Your HVAC System Needs To Breathe

Recently, we have gone to several customers’ homes where their HVAC system has failed or quit working and found one thing in common with all of them: They all installed Vent Filters/Fresheners in all of their registers.

We recommend not using these Vent Filters.  Your furnace filter protects your furnace and filters the air circulating through your home.  This does not mean remove your furnace filter.  More than likely, the Heating and Air Conditioning system in your home was not designed for the use of Vent Filters. Using Vent Filters could ‘choke’ your HVAC system.  This will make it difficult for the blower to ‘push’ the air through the system, causing undo stress.

Remember, your Heating and Air Conditioning system needs to breathe.  Change your furnace filters monthly.  If you want increased filtration, we can install a Filter Media Box or an AccuClean Electronic Air Cleaner for your HVAC system.