Why Would I Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump System?

Whether your basement is finished or if you use it for storage, there are several thousand dollars invested in your basement.  The smartest thing to do is to protect yourself with a battery backup sump pump system.  Battery backup sump pumps give you the peace of mind knowing that you are protected during a power outage or a heavy rainstorm.

Have you ever wondered…..

What happens when there is a power outage?

-A battery backup sump pump system uses a secondary power source to pump the water out when there is no power to the main pump.

What happens if debris clogs the main pump or the main pump fails due to a mechanical problem?

-A battery backup sump pump system will provide a secondary pump if the primary fails.

What happens if the float switch on the main pump fails or becomes stuck?

-A battery backup sump pump system uses a secondary float switch to activate the backup pump.

The truth is, if you have a basement, you can’t afford not to have a battery backup sump pump.  Insurance companies have changed/redefined what is covered in the event of a flooded basement.  Call your agent BEFORE your basement floods to find out what your coverage is.

Even if you are covered, the cleanup following a flood is daunting.

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