The War on Germs

It’s about that time of year again! The time of year when we purchase tissues and Lysol in bulk. The time of year that we head into battle armed with flu shots and vitamin C. It’s almost here – it’s almost flu season!
Stocking up on germ killing supplies is helpful, but there is a way to decrease the spread of germs in your home that doesn’t involve a yellow can and a sore arm. Consider installing touchless faucets and toilets in your kitchen and bathrooms.
Touchless, or hands free faucets use a sensor to dispense water, activated by the motion of your hand. Your family and guests never have to touch anything, so your faucet won’t become the transferring point for cooties.
Likewise, touchless toilets also involve a sensor that is hand activated. Simply wave your hand above the sensor and it flushes, sparing you contact with the millions of germs found on a toilet handle.
In addition to cutting down contact with germs, touchless units use less water, which will cut down your water bill as well.
Many names you can trust, like Kohler and Delta make touchless devices. Kohler even sells a retro fit kit, which can turn your current toilet into a touchless one!
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