Indianapolis Furnace Installation

Many Indianapolis homes are still using furnaces that are 15+ years old. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that if the furnace is still running properly, it’s certainly more likely to break down and stop working than a newer model is. If your home’s furnace is over 15 years of age or has not been working as it should, call the professionals at B&W today. 

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From furnace installation to indoor air quality solutions, the experts at B&W have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of heating and cooling. We’ve been among the industry leaders in Indianapolis for over 50 years, and we attribute that to our excellent service and the relationships we have built and developed with many repeat customers. To see how we can help restore comfort to your Indianapolis home, get in contact with us today.

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Going out?

Most times, your furnace won’t just die on you out of nowhere. Your furnace will likely leave you hints that its end is near. Some things to look out for or be aware of include:

Furnaces typically last about 15-20 years

Any furnace not properly maintained and over 10 years old is usually on its last legs. It will probably have from one to five years left of function, so be sure to pay extra close attention to its performance and your utility bills so that you’ll notice immediately when it starts to fail on you.

This is why regular maintenance by a professional is so important. For more information about whether to repair or replace your furnace, check out our free informative guide.

Your house isn’t warm enough

A seemingly obvious sign like this will often go unnoticed or attributed to other factors besides your furnace’s performance. However, your furnace’s job is to bring your house to the desired temperature, regardless of any other factors in your home. Simply put, if your house is too cold and is not reaching your desired temperature, your furnace is probably in need of maintenance, repairs or replacement. 

Energy bills are rising

Rising energy bills are a common sign of a furnace that isn’t doing its job and might need maintenance, repairs or replacement. As underperforming furnaces stay on longer in an effort to bring the home up to the set temperature, they drive up energy bills. Keep an eye on your energy bills if you suspect that your furnace isn’t performing as it should.

Unusual sounds or smells

Strange sounds, like banging and tumbling, will often signal that something is wrong with the furnace. Similarly, smells that are out of the ordinary often mean that something has failed within the furnace. You should have a professional check your furnace immediately to see if it is going out.

What Should You Look for when Buying a New Furnace?

If it’s been determined that your furnace is beyond repairs and should be replaced, picking a furnace out from the pack can seem overwhelming. It might seem as though all furnaces perform and behave the same way. However, there are some important things that you should pay attention to, including:

AFUE rating

A gas furnace’s AFUE rating, or Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, measures the efficiency of the furnace. For example, a 96 percent gas furnace indicates 96 cents of every dollar spent is heating the home and four cents are unused and going out the flue pipe. Same formula is used for 80 percent furnaces.

Right-sized furnace

Our professionals will determine the proper size furnace. The variable speed motor is a great option to provide added comfort and help lower your energy bills.

Type of furnace (gas or electric)

When you pick out a furnace, you’ll have to choose between a gas or electric furnace. Because the two types of furnaces are different, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision.


One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a furnace is the warranty that it comes with. Before you buy a furnace, ask about our parts and labor warranty. A two-year labor warranty, meanwhile, is required by law in the state of Indiana. It should not be sold as an added benefit or feature.

An HVAC company that will properly install it

Finally, choose a company for HVAC installation in Indianapolis that has experience replacing and installing furnaces. Installing your furnace incorrectly will shorten its lifespan and can limit the amount of heat that it’s able to produce. For an HVAC company with years of experience in furnace installation, call B&W today.

Keep Your New Furnace Running Smoothly with a Planned Service Agreement

Getting a Planned Service Agreement from B&W will help keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency while providing you with the excellent service that you expect from us. The benefits of a Planned Service Agreement include:

  • Spring air conditioning tune up
  • Fall heating system tune up for furnaces and heat pumps
  • 10% discount on heating and cooling repairs
  • Preferred scheduling
  • No overtime fees on nights or weekends

Contact B&W for Reliable Furnace Replacement

B&W Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drains has years of experience repairing and installing furnaces. We are familiar with most every make and model that you can find on the market. B&W has developed many lifelong relationships with customers, and we hope to earn your trust and business. Call us today for quick and reliable furnace installation service!