Preparing Your Plumbing for the Upcoming Fall Season

Although the vibrant autumn colors, wonderful temperatures, and upcoming winter gatherings make fall an exciting season, the chilly conditions can wreak havoc on your plumbing if you don’t prepare your home for it. While winters appear to be far, now is the time to prepare your home both inside and out, so you don’t have to follow up with issues during the holidays. The following are some ways of preparing your plumbing for the fall season:

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Even before the temperatures hit freezing point, the exterior spigots and outside hoses may be subject to damage caused by the weather. To prevent such issues, clean the exterior of your home by removing the outside hoses and storing them in a garage, or a tool shed. This will not only protect the spigots from being damaged by frozen water in the winters, but also help you identify any leaks early on. Spotting any leaks is particularly difficult in wet conditions, so it’s advised to get them fixed beforehand.

Getting a Tankless Water Heater

What else can compare to the mesmerizing feeling of a hot shower in winter? As an obvious step, make sure that your water heater is up for handling its duties when you need it the most. Traditional water heaters require you to wait until the water is heated, and it gets even more annoying if someone else uses up all the hot water before you have the chance to take a shower. One great solution is to install a tankless water heater in your home. It heats the water at the point of entry into the pipes, so you don’t have to wait for the water to get heated. Plus, it utilizes less water, reducing your overall water bill.

Clearing the Sewers

The last thing you want during the fall is sewage backing up into your home due to a blockage in the sewer. Homeowners often believe that clearing the sewage lines is the responsibility of the city, but some steps can be taken on an individual level to curb sewerage issues. 

Before conditions get wet, you should snake or clean your own sewer every fall. This should prevent any blockage or damage when a high amount of debris is inevitably washed into your sewers by heavy rain. While you need a professional plumber to do this job for you, this proactive step will save you a lot of trouble with sewage when the rainy season arrives in full swing.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your plumbing for the fall is the best way to free yourself from the issues caused by wet and freezing weather conditions. By following the steps mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about damages and blockages, but you will certainly need a professional plumber to perform the above-stated actions.