New Years Resolutions for your Home (Part 1 of 2)

With a new year comes New Years Resolutions.  While health goals top many lists don’t forget to set some goals for your home.  It is probably your largest financial investment anyway, so protect it.  We’ve included 3 major areas and will divide them into a two series blog.  Below we cover many plumbing and heating maintenance tips that go unnoticed.   Later this month we will add part 2 sharing many cost saving and energy efficient goals for your home as well as increasing your homes safety.


  • HVAC filters should be checked.  Filters 1” or less should be changed.  Depending on conditions, in your home, the larger media filters may last 3-6 months.  Did you know burning candles can plug your filter in just a week?
  • Every home owner should know where to find the main water shut off, water meter pit (if on city water) and natural gas shut offs.


  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries.  Carbon monoxide detectors should be located where the family sleeps.
  • Clean all shower heads. (Simply tie a bag of vinegar and let sit, when removed, lightly scrub with small brush or an old toothbrush.)
  • Check your plumbing shut off valves so that they open and close properly.


Winter – 

  • Prevent your pipes from bursting by leaving a slow drip (of warm water), when temperatures outside are freezing, and open your cabinet doors.
  • Make sure your humidifier is working. An HVAC tech can test the humidity in your home.

Spring –

  • Check for plumbing leaks inside and out.  A slow trickle can increase your water bill.  You can also turn off the water and look at your meter.   If you see activity then call a plumber.
  • Your humidifier should be off.
  • Prepare your AC system by scheduling a service/maintenance.
  • When you use your outside faucet for the first time in spring, carefully check inside your home to verify it did not freeze and burst over the winter.
  • Test your sump pump, make sure there is nothing in the pit. Dump water in the pit and verify the pump clears the pit.


  • Unhook your hoses outside to prevent freezing.
  • Test your sump pump.
  • Schedule maintenance on your furnace.

Upgrades to consider.

  • Consider a home water softening system.  Your hair and skin will appreciate it.  Also, sediment build up on your fixtures and in your toilets and water heater will be greatly reduced.
  • Just changing the kitchen sink and faucet can make the entire kitchen look new.
  • Contact a home comfort expert to compare the energy costs of your current heating system to a new energy efficient system.  For many systems there are tax credits and utility rebates that can reduce your initial investment.
  • A whole home humidifier greatly reduces static and improves comfort.  Besides the benefits to your family did you know a whole house humidifier extends the life of your wood furniture?

We hope you found this article helpful. Share your comments on any other tips you include in your home maintenance.  Stay tuned for part two later this month on home safety and money saving tips for your home.

Happy New Year!