Is Your Sump Pump Ready For The Thaw?

With the recent snow melt and heavy thunderstorms in Indianapolis/Central Indiana, the ground has become saturated and many of you may have noticed that your sump pumps are running non-stop.  Here are a couple of tips to help you make sure that your pump is operating properly.

Check your float switch.  The float should rise and fall freely as your sump pit fills and empties.  Make sure that it does not get hung up on along the pit wall or discharge pipe.  Another thing to check is that the sump pit is free from debris.  Since most sump pits are open and they are on the floor, it is not uncommon for debris to fall or be accidentally kicked into the pit.  If you have two sump pumps controlled by an alternator, confirm that both pumps are operating.

Another thing to consider, if you haven’t already, is installing a battery back up sump pump.  You will have the piece of mind knowing that if your power goes out during a heavy rain storm, the ground water will still be carried away.

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