How to Choose a Plumbing Professional

How to Choose a Plumbing Professional

Plumbing lines directly impact you as a homeowner. From installing a heater to planning the waste drain layout, each task can pose risks for you and your family if it is not planned properly. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t just hire anyone who claims to be a plumbing professional. Be prepared to ask the right questions and conduct a background check to hire the right plumber. Here are some useful things to consider when choosing a plumbing professional:

Plumbing License

Anyone who claims to be a plumbing professional must carry a state-sponsored plumbing license. A plumbing apprentice should have attended a certain level of schooling and attained a certain level of work experience before they apply for a license. Also, they need to pass an examination to attain a state plumbing license. This ensures that they’re capable of providing you with the professional work that keeps your family safe.

To check their credentials, visit your state’s website and check their license status there. When the professional visits you, ask them to show their license.

Plumbing professional busy working on pipes

Worker’s Compensation

Even though every state requires plumbing companies to carry worker’s compensation, many small companies don’t have it. Plumbing is a risky profession involving the use of heavy materials, sharp tools, flammable gas, and hazardous waste. If a plumbing professional is injured while working on your property and their company doesn’t carry worker’s compensation, you’ll be liable to pay for their bodily damages. 

Many homeowners aren’t aware of this problem in the first place, so this factor often goes overlooked. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask whether the company carries worker’s compensation. 

Liability Insurance

One of the most important factors to look into is liability insurance. The company you choose must carry liability insurance so that you’re covered for any plumbing-related blunders. No matter how experienced a company is or how trained their plumbers are, mistakes can occur. Ask the plumber to present the proof of liability insurance, which can also be useful in an event that the company goes out of business. The best companies won’t hesitate to show proof of liability insurance.

Responsiveness of the Plumber

How often do people feel helpless when they have a serious plumbing issue at home and their plumber just won’t answer any calls? The responsiveness of a plumbing professional reflects the quality of customer service they offer. This, it’s extremely important to consider whether a plumbing expert would be prepared to answer your phone calls or at least respond to your voicemails. Beware of unlicensed plumbing companies who are cheaper because you may not be able to reach them immediately. Follow the above-mentioned tips to hire the right plumber. Choosing a professional plumber can get tricky. If you’re looking for a reliable and reputed plumber, visit our website by clicking here.