Combination Primary and Backup Pump Systems From B&W Plumbing and Heating

With the recent thaw and rains in Central Indiana your sump pump is probably working overtime.  Is it keeping up with the amount or water that is coming?  Every time a storm knocks the power out to you home are you hoping it will come on as quick as possible so your basement doesn’t flood?  Have B&W Plumbing and Heating install piece of mind with a Combonation Sump Pump system.

The new PHCC Pro Series, “Pair of Pumps” combination systems, couples an energy efficient primary sump pump and battery backup sump pump into one compact system. The primary pump operates off AC power. If the power is interrupted, or more water is coming into the sump than the AC pump can handle, the backup sump pump will begin pumping automatically.

The combination systems also contain unique monitoring features that warns the homeowner if the power goes out, battery fluid is low, backup pump was activated, or if the battery is discharged, defective, or battery terminals need cleaning. In addition the PS-C33 pump controller can send an alarm signal to a home security system or auto dialer.


  • Energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Dual float switches on primary and backup pumps
  • Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails
  • Backup pump will assist primary pump if excessive amounts of water are entering the sump
  • Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on control panel
  • Maintains and recharges battery automatically
  • Alarm can be silenced during a power outage
  • Output terminals for connection to a security system or auto-dialer (PS-C33 only)
  • Can accommodate two (2) B2200 batteries for 16 hours of continuous pumping (PS-C33 only)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Water cooled (no oil to leak)

Call 317-243-3581 and have your Combination Sump Pump System installed today.